Composed of high end components the Maitresse is Carboton's flagship. Related to monocoques used in racing sports the body may be the most progressive ever used for a speaker system yet.

Depending on the needed stiffness and the desired damping behaviour carbon-, glass and aramidfiber reinforced plastic is used. This design inhibits resonances and resulting sound distortions completely.

Similar to stealth airplanes the speaker's body avoids reflections outside and standing waves inside completely.

Piece by piece all speaker chassis are handcrafted in Austria.

The electrical components are selected to meet the same standards as the body. They have to represent the finest state of the art.

For mid-range and tweeter, very light, extremely stiff and high resolving ceramic membranes are used. A very stiff fiber reinforced sandwich membrane was chosen for the woofer. Even the high end parts, the crossover is composed of, are manufactured in Germany and assembled by hand.